The Rose Series

Our 3-bedroom homes with 9-foot ceilings

The Hunter Series of affordable homes has been specifically designed for the budget conscious.

If you want a home that is larger, but still affordable, then the Rose Series is for you.

Each home is packed with features such as full roof insulation, kitchen, wall and floor tiles, stove, hot water system, large windows, hutters along the front and much more.

The Rose Series of homes has a 25 degree roof pitch and are clad with Weathertex .

Options: Brick veneer, verandah, garage, carport.

Rosebudget 3 - 82 Sqm or 8.8 squares

Roselyn 3 - House only - 97 Sqm or 10.5 squares

Rosebury 3 - House only - 110 Sqm or 12 squares